Services & maintenance


The Company is one of the leading in Israel in the domain of various services & maintenance, on shore and especially off shore. The company is connected with several governmental and private owned companies and act as retain contractor, ready to provide all around year services as well as emergency repairs.


Short List of Capabilities:

-Concrete maintenance – on shore and off shore
-Mooring systems maintenance
-Various port accessories – Crane rails, Fenders, Bollard, ect.
-Bilge water removal
-Ship supply
-Crew boating
-Various metal works (Keeps in ports fully equipped workshop)
-Marine towage

Selected projects

Tankers SPL Services at Haifa PortTankers SPL Services at Haifa Port

Maagan provides Tankers SPL services for the Petroleum & Energy Infrastructures company at Haifa port for more than 25 years. Our services include mooring of...

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Underwater Maintenance of Petroleum & Energy Infrastructures Ltd. (PEI) PlemUnderwater Maintenance of Petroleum & Energy Infrastructures Ltd. (PEI) Plem

Maagan is the contractor responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the Petroleum & Energy Infrastructures Ltd. (PEI) PLEM at Haifa port.

Before offloading any material at the PLEM by the arriving tanker, Maagan conducts a...

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