Maagan Marine & Diving Works Ltd. is the representitive of several International Companies which operate and provide marine based services in Israel.

After more than 45 years experience Impresub holds a unique position in the international market offering a complete range of offshore support services within worldwide Oil & Gas industry.

Impresub is skilled to develop in-house technology for new marine applications and innovative solutions combined with time proven techniques.

Thanks to its internal resources and experienced personnel, Impresub provides to its Clients with safe, professional and cost effective solution to the unique challenges of their marine and sub-sea projects.

IDMC provides the following services:

Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) of Offshore Structures
• Non Destructive Tests (NDT)
• Saturation and Air Diving services and assistance to offshore structure installation(i.e. cables, pipelines, platforms, monopod, templates etc)
• ROV inspections, instrumented survey, assistance, interventions;
• Hydro-graphic Surveys by conventional and advanced technologies;
• Geophysical Surveys and Geo technical Investigations
• Analogue and Digital 2D Seismic Surveys
• Post trenching, Burial and Protection of Pipeline, Telecommunications and power cables, FOC flow line, umbilical
• Installation of small diameter pipelines and power cables;
• Special Military Surveys (underwater ordnance survey and clearance)