Diving Works & Salvage


Ma’agan is Israeli’s leader in underwater services, in terms of its equipment, manpower and variety of solutions.
All of our divers are surface supply certified ,our surface supply equipment is according to IMCA standards


Short List of Capabilities:

-Installation, repair and maintenance of underwater pipes (water, fuel and gas)

-Installation of underwater cables

-Rock blasting, mining and local excavation

-Underwater welding and cutting

-Salvage operations

-Special underwater concrete casting

-Design, construction and maintenance of mooring systems, for use in marinas to tankers

-Underwater surveys, including still photography and videotaping


Selected projects

Haifa port crane collapseHaifa port crane collapse

During the relocation of a crane at pier 2 at Haifa port, the crane collapsed and fell into the water. MAAGAN was selected contractor to carry out the salvage works of the crane. The fallen crane was...

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"Shelly" Wreck Salvage"Shelly" Wreck Salvage

The project entails the salvage of the “Shelly” ship that sunk at entrance of Haifa port in water depth of 24m. The salvage was done by professional divers of Maagan that conducted...

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Underwater cutting and removal of a 44mm steel cable from "ILAN" tugboatUnderwater cutting and removal of a 44mm steel cable from "ILAN" tugboat

During the tying of a tanker at Haifa's SPL, a 44mm steel cable has been caught in the "ILAN" Tugboat propeller. Maagan' which was called to the scene, towed the vessel towards ...


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