Equally at home on water or land, Ma’agan has provided a complete range of marine and civil engineering solutions since 1987. Serving diverse government and commercial clients, Ma’agan specializes in full underwater services, such as: underwater installation of water and fuel pipes, welding and cutting, and special surveys using still photography and videotaping. Onshore and offshore construction activities include port building and maintenance, dredging and land reclamation, and construction of breakwaters, cooling basins for power station outlets, road and bridges. The company provides environmental protection services with its specially designed vessel for oil spill removal and treatment, and equipment that include oil booms, skimmers and absorbents. With a long and impressive track record, Ma’agan has earned the reputation – locally and internationally – for its innovative, yet practical solution.

Stressing precision and efficiency, Ma’agan is known for meeting, if not exceeding, client demands. The company’s investment in topnotch manpower, equipment and working methods ensures ongoing customer satisfaction. For Ma’agan, personal service is apriority, and the company views every customer as a long-term relationship. Ma’agan’s customers also benefit from the company’s human resources. More than 60 professional employees, from engineers and divers to construction workers and heavy equipment operators are consistently working to ensure the successful – and timely – completion of every project. In addition, the company works with some 20 external consultants, all experts in their fields.

The achievements of the entire Ma’agan team is reflected in the company’s ongoing association with such respected organizations as Israel’ Ministry of Defense, Port and Railways Authority, Electric Company, the American Sixth Fleet and many others.

With a full fleet of vessels, Ma’agan is ready – at any moment – to fulfill all harbor and port services, including towage, transportation, salvage or wreck removal. The company is prepared, around the clock, to tackle problems of marine pollution in the harbor and the open sea. And while conducting all underwater services and construction projects, Ma’agan maintains a firm commitment to preserving the marine environment.


Ma’agan Marine & Civil Engineering Company was established in 1987 by Nissim Ben David (Benda) and Avi Aish, both specialists in diving and salvage works. In 1991, Ma’agan acquired Israel’s leading marine service firm, the Ogen Compant.

Today, Ma’agan owners and Managing Directors, Mr. David and Mr. Aish are personally involved in all daily operations.